Suppliers of parts & spares for your Ford Cortina Mk1 & Lotus Cortina

Ford Cortina Mk1
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We have been in business supplying classic Ford parts since 1984
and cater for the British Ford Cortina models from 1962-67, and can
supply a range of reproduction parts, New Old Stock and good
used spares. Trim, panels, repair sections, upholstery or
mechanical items, we can usually get it!

We also stock a large range of body parts and mechanical items
for the Ford 103E, 100E and 300E Thames Van range, Mk1 & 2 Consul,
103E Popular, Anglia, Prefect and Anglia 105E.
Parts for other classic cars, Austin to Vauxhall are also available.
Send a list of the parts you are looking for.
We can ship parts to anywhere in the world.

I hope you find this site useful in getting your car
back on the road again

Ron Keenes: - Email: CLICK

Phone : 01406 351526

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